"The secret of health of both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."  Buddha
Workplace Wellness Programs
Executive Retreat Fun
Lotusea provides our workplace wellness programs model through a license arrangement to employers, medical groups, insurance groups, and vendors who provide wellness benefits to employees/clients.

Lotusea Proprietary Software, WellTrack & Injury Management Database:

    * Maintains Individual Health Information
    * Provides Aggregate Reports
    * Invoices Clients
    * Provides All Necessary Forms for Assessments
    * Tracks & Reports on Workplace Accidents & Injuries

Lotusea Manuals:

    * Business Operations Manual
    * Progam Operations Manual
    * Staff Manual
    * Participant Manual

Training and Support:

    * Three Day Training Provided by Lotusea Staff
    * Support Continues as Needed by Lotusea Staff

Lab Testing:

    * Comprehensive Lab Panel - Executive 1 Lab Panel
    * Glucose and Lipid Panel Screen
    * PSA Test for Males


    * Consulting for employers who are considering an employee wellness program
    * Workshops Offered on Health and Wellness Topics and Stress Management
    * An Executive Retreat Offered to Employer Management Staff
    * Art - Wall Art, Murals, Screen Savers with Logos, Company Mottos, Motivational Inscriptions
    * Wellness Program implementation to include HRA's, Educational Programs, High Risk Consults, Ergonomics

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