Candace Coffin, a fun and dynamic presenter and trainer, has been a consultant in the field of organizational and staff development since 1986.  Her background in counseling, mediation, and administration, gives her the ability to connect with a wide diversity of people in an executive retreat setting. Candace's key topics include:  conflict prevention, management and resolution; team building; key skills for supervisors; stress management; dealing with difficult people; developing healthy working relationships; and time management.

Catherine Poole, known internationally as "The Queen of Color,"  is an expert in color and human response to color.  Catherine, a former professor of color theory at the University of Notre Dame, is now CMO of the WIN Firm of Johnson City, Tennessee. She is a national spokesperson for Home Depot and their "The Color Prescription" Campaign.  Her focus is educating people about how color can enhance personal well-being, influences mood and creates a positive impact on health, life, and the planet.

Rande Howell helps people ignite the spark of their journey of growth and development.  He equips participants with skills and tools to help them view life as a journey where they have a major impact on the development of their personal sense of purpose, meaning, and joy. He teaches people to access the possibility of who they can be reather than staying stuck in the box of their comfort zones by training them to calm body and mind.  Rande is the author of three books on human development and potential and maintains both a counseling and empowerment practice in Charlotte, NC.

JMichael Wood is a passionate advocate of teaching simple techniques that can eliminate anxiety of the chaotic stress of our lifestyles.  He has a 40 year background in holistic healing modalities as a clinical practitioner/ teacher in Breathwork and Medical Qigong. His workplace wellness programs create the understanding and ability to decrease stress through the fundamentals of breathing mechanics.

Anne McCracken, an Interior Designer, uses Feng Shui principles to balance/harmonize offices.  She invites positive energy to flow through the environment, enhancing lives and spaces, improving
productivity and decreasing stress.  Anne's interior designs are conducive to health and healing.
"Feng Shui disarms illness, accelerates recovery and creates optimum health."  Nancy SantoPietro 

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