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​                                             Foods That Are High in Iron

How much iron do you need each day? . Men need 8 milligrams (mg). Women should get 18 mg up to age 50, but only 8 after that. If you're pregnant, you need as much as 27.

Beef - great source.
Poultry - don't eat red meat? Then, poultry is a good source of iron, too.
Dark, Leafy Greens - spinach, kale, collards can give you an iron boost.

Fish - tuna, sardines, mackerel and haddock are good sources.

Shrimp and Oysters - packed with iron.

Vegetarian Delights - tofu and beans.

Cereal - cream of wheat, bran, oat cereals; an added boost - add strawberries.
Eggs - scrambled, boiled, or sunny-side up.
Syrup and molasses.

Nuts, dried fruits, watermelon, and chocolate are also good sources.

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