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Steps for Ordering Lab Tests

  1.  Please complete the following information to order lab test(s).

  2.  Lab Test name and test number (your Dr. will find on Laboratory Corp. of America site):

  3.  Name and Address:

  4.  Birthdate:  

  5.  Telephone Number: 

  6.  Email Address:   

  7.  Ordering Physician's Name, Telephone Number, NPI/DEA# (found on lab prescription):

​  8.  Upon receipt of information and payment for test, Lotusea will order the requested lab tests.  Visit the Lab Corp Patient Service Center closest to you for lab testing.  Results will be emailed to you within seventy-two hours following lab testing.

  9.  If you have questions and/or don't have lab test info, email sbreeding@lotusea.com.
Lab Testing