"A healthy person has many wishes.  An unhealthy person has only one wish. " Anonymous

*CARF International recently gave a very high commendation to Mt. Rogers Community Services Board, a Lotusea client, for exemplary conformance in the area of staff wellness programs.  They stated that "the organization has made arrangements to provide staff members and family members with annual full-lab screenings, health risk assessments and educational programs at no cost to the staff members. The organization believes this has played a significant role in the early detection of illness, which has led to reduced insurance costs and no increase in health insurance costs this fiscal year and only a minimal increase in the last year."   Lisa Moore, Executive Director

*"My husband and I are very fortunate in that our company allowed the dependents to participate in the Lotusea wellness program.  His lab results came back with abnormal Prostate results.  Our physician feels that this program saved my husband's life as he was experiencing no symptoms and probably wouldn't have until much later in the disease process."   Fleeta Farmer, employee

*We did not budget any funds for the Lotusea wellness program.  We assured the board of education that savings realized through our regular health insurance program would more than off-set the costs of the program.  This year, through the first six months alone, we have paid all self insurance claims, have over 500 personnel participating in the wellness program, paid all wellness program costs and have over $105,000 surplus in the health insurance account."  Bradley Moffitt, Financial Controller

*I am writing this letter to let you know that the Lotusea Wellness Group made a big difference in the lives of my husband (James) and me.  Both of us are employees of the Johnson City School System and, as such, were offered the benefits of the wellness program.  During the routine blood work, it was found that my husband is a borderline diabetic and has elevated cholesterol.  The benefits of the wellness program are many and I just wanted to thank you for allowing the school system employees to take advantage of these benefits.  We can attest to the trememdous difference it made in our lives."
Evelyn G. Dugger, Executive Assistant to the Director of Schools and Board of Education 

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