Lotusea Wellness Group, Inc., began in 1987 as Lifetime Wellness Consultants, Inc., a company founded by Sandra Breeding, a single mother of three, who recognized the affects of the increasing cost of health care to employers. Her experience as a clinical nutritionist and hospital administrator convinced her that prevention, education, and early detection were sorely missing elements in most corporate healthcare programs. The system developed was one of the earliest workplace wellness programs not only in the country, but in the world, and long before "wellness" became a popular buzz word.  Determination, dedication and lessons learned through hands-on administration and face-to-face consultations with program participants enabled her to produce an effective solution.  The program has evolved into a highly adaptable, turn-key, personalized system for decreasing health risk factors and improving the length and quality of life of participants. The employee wellness program was developed into a licensing opportunity in 2004.

By invitation, Sandra was a keynote speaker at the 9th Annual International Employee Benefits Conference in Brussels, March 11 & 12, 2009.  She spoke on Corporate Wellness Programs:  A Solution to the Health Care Crisis. Also, in March, 2009, she was nominated for the Top 25 Women in Healthcare in the US for an award given by Modern Healthcare. In November, 2008, she was one of five women in the US who received an award for female entrepreneurs who have founded businesses that contribute to improving the lives of people and the health of the economy.

Lotusea is a family business and includes:
  • Robert Parks, Director of Information Technology & Computer Programmer
  • Dr. Amanda Parks, Internal Medicine MD with a speciality in Infectious Disease, fluent in Italian
  • Megan Parks, Physician Assistant, Research Biologist, fluent in Spanish

"To lose one's health renders science null, art inglorius, strength unavailing, wealth useless, and eloquence powerless."  Herophilus, c. 300 BC

Lotusea Wellness Group - History

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